Doco Warehousing & Forwarding

Doco Warehousing & Forwarding B.V. has been a part of the Thys Group since 1987 and has as specialism the containerized export overseas of waste materials like waste paper, waste plastics and waste metals with a focus on destinations in the Far East and the Indian Sub Continent.

Besides the shipments of waste materials Doco is also specialized in shipments of wet salted veal- and cow skin mainly destined for China.

For the shipments which we do arrange for the waste materials and the wet salted skins, we not only provide your bookings against the most competitive rates, but we also take care of all the documentation including the environmental documentation.

In short, our dedicated team, is able to arrange everything for our relations at competitive rates and a smooth and competent settlement in every field of service.

BTW nr. NL803334710.B04
KVK nr. 24164662