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Your reliable partners in service and quality

Gebroeders Smits Spinblanching B.V.

Gebroeders Smits B.V. is active since 1947 and part of the Thys Group since 1980, was the first company in Europe with a factory for reconditioning and grading for peanuts at that time mainly coming from Africa (Nigeria/Ghana/Senegal/Sudan/Malawi/Gambia).

Spinblanching Rotterdam B.V. has been a part of The Thys Group since 1984 and was the first company in the world after the United States with blanching facilities according to theĀ American Standards. Blanching / Roasting / Reconditioning / Grading and Electronic Sorting with all advanced equipment.

In 2020 both companies merged into Gebroeders Smits Spinblanching B.V.

BTW nr. NL803334710.B03
KVK nr. 24080778